Mixed plastics waste valorization through tandem chemical oxidation and biological funneling

Kevin P. Sullivan, A. Werner, Kelsey J. Ramirez, Lucas D. Ellis, Jeremy R. Bussard, B. Black, David G. Brandner, Felicia Bratti, Bonnie L Buss, Xueming Dong, Stefan J. Haugen, Morgan A. Ingraham, Mikhail O. Konev, William E. Michener, Joel Miscall, I. Pardo, Sean P. Woodworth, A. Guss, Yuriy Román-Leshkov, S. Stahl, G. Beckham

Science, 2022

Energy-resolved mass spectrometry as a tool for identification of lignin depolymerization products.

Xueming Dong, H. Mayes, K. Morreel, R. Katahira, Yanding Li, J. Ralph, B. Black, G. Beckham

ChemSusChem, 2022

Differentiation of Seven Isomeric n-Pentylquinoline Radical Cations Based on Energy-Resolved Medium-Energy Collision-Activated Dissociation.

Yuyang Zhang, Wanru Li, Hao-Ran Lei, Xueming Dong, H. Kenttämaa

Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 2022

Insight into De-Alkylation Behaviors of Coal-Related Model Compounds Using a Tandem Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Guo-Sheng Li, Min-Hua Wang, Xing Fan, Xueming Dong, Xiansheng Wei, Bohao Chen, Jiao-Fei Wang

Social Science Research Network, 2021

Insight into a stepped fragmentation of coal-related model compounds using a tandem Orbitrap mass spectrometer

Guo-Sheng Li, Min-Hua Wang, Xing Fan, Xueming Dong, Xianyong Wei, Bohao Chen, Jiao-Fei Wang

Microchemical journal (Print), 2021

Compositional analysis of organosolv poplar lignin by using high-performance liquid chromatography/high-resolution multi-stage tandem mass spectrometry

Jifa Zhang, Yuan Jiang, Leah F. Easterling, Anton Anstner, Wanru Li, Kawthar Z. Alzarieni, Xueming Dong, J. Bozell, H. Kenttämaa


Insights into the structural characteristics of four thermal dissolution extracts of a subbituminous coal by using higher-energy collisional dissociation

Chu-Fan Wang, Xing Fan, Xueming Dong, Hong-cun Bai, P. Kuznetsov, P. Liang, Zhen-Xue Liu, Xianyong Wei


Free Radical Mediated Glycan Isomer Differentiation.

Rayan Murtada, Kimberly C Fabijanczuk, Kaylee Gaspar, Xueming Dong, Kawthar Z. Alzarieni, Kimberly Calix, Edgar Manriquez, R. M. Bakestani, H. Kenttämaa, Jinshan Gao

Analytical Chemistry, 2020

Insight into molecular characteristics of a Chinese coal via separation, characterization and data processing.

Guo Yu, Xing Fan, Xueming Dong, Ruiyu Wang, Yun-Peng Zhao, Hong-cun Bai, Tian-sheng Zhao, Qing-jie Guo, Xianyong Wei

Journal of Separation Science, 2019

Evaluation of elemental composition obtained by using mass spectrometer and elemental analyzer: A case study on model compound mixtures and a coal-derived liquid

Xueming Dong, Fei Wang, Xing Fan, Yun-Peng Zhao, Xianyong Wei, Ruiyu Wang, Fengyun Ma, Jingmei Liu, Bei Li

Fuel, 2019

A Novel Evaluation Method Developed for the Denitrogenation and Deoxygenation on Molecules in Coal during Catalytic Treatments

Xueming Dong, X. Fan, Chu-Fan Wang, B. Saikia, Ruiyu Wang, Yao Lu, Hong-cun Bai, Xianyong Wei


Mass spectrometric evaluation of the soluble species of Shengli lignite using cluster analysis methods

Ya-ru Yu, Xing Fan, Lu Chen, Xueming Dong, Yun-Peng Zhao, Bei Li, Xianyong Wei, Fengyun Ma, A. Nulahong

Fuel, 2019

In-source collision activated dissociation for coal/biomass-based model compounds and structural characterization of a coal extract

Fei Wang, Xueming Dong, Xing Fan, Yun-Peng Zhao, Guo-Sheng Li, Chu-Fan Wang, Xianyong Wei, Fengyun Ma, M. Zhong

Fuel, 2018

Evaluation of coal-related model compounds using tandem mass spectrometry.

Guo-Sheng Li, Xueming Dong, Xing Fan, Chun-Yan You, Ge Wu, Yun-Peng Zhao, Yao Lu, Xianyong Wei, Fengyun Ma

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2018

Molecular profiling of crude oil by using Distillation Precipitation Fractionation Mass Spectrometry (DPF-MS)

Ravikiran Yerabolu, Raghavendhar R. Kotha, Edouard Niyonsaba, Xueming Dong, Jeremy M. Manheim, John Y. Kong, James S. Riedeman, Mark Romanczyk, C. Johnston, Gozdem Kilaz, H. Kenttämaa

Fuel, 2018

Tandem mass spectrometric evaluation of core structures of aromatic compounds after catalytic deoxygenation

Xing Fan, Guo-Sheng Li, Xueming Dong, Jingyu Jiang, Xianyong Wei, H. Kenttämaa

Fuel processing technology, 2018

Structural insights of four thermal dissolution products of Dongming lignite by using in-source collision-activated dissociation mass spectrometry

Xing Fan, Xiaoyun Zhang, Xueming Dong, J. Liao, Yun-Peng Zhao, Xianyong Wei, Fengyun Ma, A. Nulahong

Fuel, 2018

Application of paper spray-MS in PK studies using sunitinib and benzethonium as model compounds.

J. Takyi-Williams, Xueming Dong, Haiqing Gong, Yang Wang, Wenying Jian, Chuan-Fa Liu, Kai Tang

Bioanalysis, 2015

A covalent reporter of β-lactamase activity for fluorescent imaging and rapid screening of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Q. Shao, Yan Zheng, Xueming Dong, K. Tang, Xiaomei Yan, B. Xing

Chemistry, 2013

Functional Divergence of FimX in PilZ Binding and Type IV Pilus Regulation

Yaning Qi, Linghui Xu, Xueming Dong, Y. Yau, Chun Loong Ho, Siew Lee Koh, S. Shochat, S. Chou, K. Tang, Zhao-Xun Liang

Journal of Bacteriology, 2012


Yaning Qi, M. L. Chuah, Xueming Dong, Kai-lin Xie, Zhen Luo, K. Tang, -. Zhao, Xun Liang


Binding of Cyclic Diguanylate in the Non-catalytic EAL Domain of FimX Induces a Long-range Conformational Change*

Yaning Qi, M. L. Chuah, Xueming Dong, Kai-lin Xie, Zhen Luo, K. Tang, Zhao-Xun Liang

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2010


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